mother, author, podcaster, human design manifestor with a deep passion for understanding the human experience and connecting back to our most authentic self.

Samala made her author debut with her creative memoir Spiral: A Memoir of healing and unearthing the gifts within complex trauma this year February 2022.  In this book, Samala asks the reader the to contemplate the same question she found herself unraveling when she hit rock-bottom, “If this isn’t me, then who am I?” Four months postpartum, she reached a terrifying moment; did she want to continue living? What she believed was a breakdown was, in fact, a breakthrough. This moment would set her on a path of transformation, healing, and self-discovery.

After publishing Spiral, Samala released the first series of her podcast, The Hidden Voice, in March. The Hidden Voice Podcast is for those seeking an exlporation into the shadow and the areas of our life that we often cast into the darkness. It’s about claiming our fullest selves, and bringing these themes and conversations into the light, and out of the basement. 

About Samala

Samala comes from a background in women’s health, fitness and behavioural change. She has a life long passion for personal development, connecting to self and shifting the narratives that  often keep us stuck, and held back from claiming the life that we truly want.

Until June 2023, Samala was working with clients as a shadow work facilitator and Human Design Reader. She combined her passion for wellbeing, understanding the past, personal development and energetics in order to facilitate a space of transformation.

A 5/1 Manifestor in Human Design, Samala has spent the last 4 years deconditioning and connecting back to her self. She has used the Human Design System as a tool for self understanding; and has been embodying and living deeper in her individual design as time has gone on. 

She’s come to understand that her purpose is rooted in knowing that every thing that has ever happened holds seeds of wisdom for collective, and individual healing and transformation, and that she is here to share her unique perspective on that.

She is now stepping away from working with clients in a 1:1 capacity, and is now moving into new space of learning, exploration and self discovery; This begins with undertaking a degree in Archeology and Classical Studies in September this year.

Her curiosity for the past, understanding human behaviour, and transmuting some of our most challenging experiences will now be channelled into a deeper understanding of history, restoration, conservation,  practical excavation and creating a new story for the future.

You can follow along on her journey, stay up to date with any future book launches and musings by checking out her blog posts, listening to her podcast, connecting on Instagram and subscribing to her monthly newsletter. 


About Spiral...

Spiral is a story about being cracked open from the inside and speaks to the rippling effect that unhealed childhood trauma has on the mind, body and soul. The book provides a holistic perspective to addressing and healing trauma, and shows us firsthand how childhood trauma does not stay in the past, but reaches forward and touches everything. Through shared personal stories, Samala shows the incredible wisdom and self-acceptance that can come from facing trauma, and that it is possible to heal and change the trajectory of one’s life.



The Hidden Voice Podcast is for women who are desiring an exploration into shadow work. It is for those who are ready to uncover the wisdom that lives within our deepest fears and the liberation on the other side of transforming the shame and guilt that shrouds our past experiences. Join me, Samala, and astrologer Danielle every fortnight as we shed light on the hidden parts of ourselves and society that have been kept in the shadows. This is a space for raw conversation, rebirth, and transformation. This is where we uncover our hidden voice.


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