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About me

In Human Design I am a 5/1 splenic manifestor, and this website and its current offerings is the culmination of the last 13 years of investigation, self discovery and self mastery,

In February 2020 I hit rock-bottom. I had no idea who I was, what I wanted and all I knew was that I could not continue on as I was. I had to choose between the death of who I was or the unknown of what was to come…and gratefully, I chose the rebirth.

I began my “journey” believing I had to become better, that I needing fixing, help….but what I have discovered, after shedding layer after layer, was that I have always been ME, and I did not need to become anything, but rather unearth who I was underneath all of the conditioning and trauma.

This process began with me exploring who I was, and seeing who I was not through challenging the stories and narratives within my mind, and unlocking my energetic blueprint.

I love learning, I love researching and I love sharing about the things that bring me joy…and this is exactly what this space is….it is the expressing of my own learning chamber, from my heart to yours…

The journey so far....

Thirteen years ago I began working in women’s health and fitness, initially as a personal trainer, and then I went on to specialising in pregnancy health, postpartum recovery and pelvic floor and core health, along with Soft tissue therapy and exploring many different modalities for holistic healing, which included womens health coaching and functional nutrition for hormones. Health, personal development and connection to self are three of my highest values. 

What you will find in the space is the expression of my creativity and my hunger for knowledge, whether that is through my books, writing, resources and podcast.

Your journey of self exploration, healing and wellbeing is unique and holds immeasurable wisdom – you have all of the answers nestled with you. 

Within you..

and within this website, my space and resources you will find your own path to well-being, healing and transformation. Your path will look different to someone else’s, because you are an individual, your individual experiences, genetics and lifestyle factors will determine how your blueprint is expressed in you. If you are here to transform your wellbeing, eliminate toxic stress and health behaviours, balance your hormones and harness the innate power that resides within you – I hold you as powerful and you are indeed in the right place!

I finally know why I was gathering all of this knowledge and skills, to birth this space,this learning chamber, which I want to feel like a retreat for your soul while you learn, so not only will you be able to work through the resources but I will ensure that there is an abundance of content and education that you can bathe in, to get inspired, to get excited, to be a part of something bigger, because when you heal yourself, you heal the world.

I’m so blessed to have to you here

My Qualifications

Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

Advanced Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise specialist

Level 3 Soft Tissue Therapist

Female Scar and Soft Tissue Therapist

Pelvic Health Specialist (Pelvic Floor and Core Foundation Certification)

Certified Women’s Health Coach  + With Functional Nutrition for Women Certification 

Level 2 Human Design Reader Certification 

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