Spiral Article Series #1

My first book, Spiral: A memoir of healing and unearthing the gifts within complex trauma was published in February of this year. I spent 8 months writing Spiral last year, so when it came time to publish and launch her to the world I went into rest. The incredible amount of energy it took to […]

Human Design Exploration

I remember exactly where I was in 2020 when I first heard the phrase “Human Design”, I was walking along the trail behind my house, it was a unusually warm March and the sun was beating down on my face. Something inside of me turned over, and I knew that I had to find out […]

Human Design – Connect to your unique blueprint

“Human Design” When I heard those words mentioned on a podcast I heard an internal “YES”…I just KNEW I had to follow it. What I didn’t know then was that was my authority, my splenic intuition, speaking to me. “Everybody is born with a right to differentiate” – Ra Uru Hu – Founder of Human […]

Honor the darkness, and welcome the return of the light

The 21st of December marked the first day of astronomical winter, a season of deep rest, regeneration, death and rebirth. This day also marked the winter solstice – where we are enveloped in more darkness than light, and while it marks the beginning winter, from this day, more light begins to filter through, lingering with […]

I no longer drink coffee…

If you follow me on Instagram and/or facebook then you may have seen me announcing in my stories that I no longer drink coffee/tea – which if you know me personally, is a big deal, because up until 3 months ago, coffee was my “life”. I was certainly a coffee snob, my coffee of choice […]

Flowing with perimenopause

Flowing with the seasons and deepening the connection to your body, mind and soul.   As our bodies move through the seasons – from Menarche to Menopause, I want you to know that these phases are rights of passage that hold incredible wisdom and power, and they do not need to be medicated away or […]

Connect the mind and body

Journaling is a powerful tool. When I am in session with clients they are often unaware of how their mental/emotional wellbeing affects their physical health and wellbeing. When it comes to implementing behavioural change knowing what your current state of mind is, and knowing what our beliefs around our health and wellbeing are is important […]


This Month is my Daughter Iris’s birth month. It also marks the beginning of one of most intense years of my life, and what I can only describe as my death, and rebirth.   I’m sharing this story because  I want to illuminate the importance of speaking your truth, and the importance of moving through […]

Your unique Female Biology

Get to know the basics.   There is a strong narrative that suffering is an inevitable part of being born into a female body – but it’s time to shed that story and step into a new paradigm of health and wellbeing.     Let’s begin with the female endocrine system – it’s our bodies […]

Pelvic Health 101

  Looking after your pelvic health does not only apply during pregnancy or in the early days postpartum. You pelvic floor is a vital part of many different physical functions, and when dysfunctional can present with a range of symptoms. For women, pelvic health is often overlooked and down-played. Breaking the taboo around speaking up […]