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I remember exactly where I was in 2020 when I first heard the phrase “Human Design”, I was walking along the trail behind my house, it was a unusually warm March and the sun was beating down on my face. Something inside of me turned over, and I knew that I had to find out what this was all about.

When I uncovered my design, a 5/1 Splenic Manifestor later that day there was a part of me that felt relief, and curious, but there was another part of me that felt angry – I did not recognize or understand any of what I was “supposed” to be or “feel”.  The curiosity won and I delved deep into not only my design but understanding the Human Design System as I wanted to understand myself, but I also wanted to understand other. As I absorbed the information a hunger grew, and I wanted to move through my life with purpose, with authenticity and meaning whilst embodying my true self.

Human Design, on the most basic level, gives us the strategy to begin to interface with the quantum field in the way that our physical and energetic vehicle is designed too. When we master this strategy and begin to trust in the wisdom of the body and lead from the inner authority, we then can creatively dance with the energy all around us.

But before we can begin to really create from the true self; letting go of old patterns, beliefs and deconditioning is the journey at the beginning of the experiment. Identifying all the places that we believe that we should be something or must be something is the road to true self-acceptance and self-mastery.

One of the first places I like to look in a person’s chart when I do a reading is not the true self, but the shadow self/ or not self as it’s referred to in Human Design. The chart not only shows us who we came here to be, but it also shows us all the places that the not self-mind lives, and like the true self, there is a unique way that your nots-self can hijack the body and the true mind to get it to do what it wants.

When I first had my reading I could not feel the energy of what my chart was telling me was within, because I still looking from the perspective of my not self, you cannot observe yourself, you can only observe what you are not – in the beginning my not self-mind was drawn to human design because it saw it as a way of bettering itself, of becoming more successful, of finally feeling good about itself. It was only when I started to notice the space between what my body truly wanted and what my mind was telling me was I able to begin to see the conditioning, but also the shadow within my own energetic being.

Human design is not about becoming anything, but rather unbecoming all that you are not. It is not as simple as finding out your aura type and your whole life changing, because for most of us, we have been living as our not selves our entire life, terrified of being our true selves, and require time to begin to trust in the wisdom of our inner authority. To live in true congruency, it may mean that you experience a radical awakening, a dark night of the soul and the call to let go of jobs, relationships, ways of being and most of all beliefs and stories about yourself that no longer serve.

But what I can tell you, after 3 years (and of course the experiment continues) that I finally experience myself…I still have times where my not-self mind comes in a tries to tell me that I shouldn’t do or should do something but alongside my human design journey I have been doing “the work” and radically transforming and dissolving all of the stories that I held about myself – and this is the thing, you do not need the chart (I’m doing myself out of a business here) because if you are in full acceptance and living from your true self, you will be the chart, you are the chart….If that’s you than you are most likely already living your type, and then what the chart offers you is a deeper understanding of what your physical vessel requires to thrive but for the most of us, we are not and have not been living free of conditioning, so this is always the most powerful and crucial place to begin with your Human Design Journey.

Are you still with me?

Human Design is system that weaves in ancient and modern sciences, you don’t have to be spiritual, and you don’t have to have faith in anything but experiencing yourself. It’s called an experiment because no one can live it for you, only you can take what you learn and discover yourself for yourself.

Human Design is a system that gives a blueprint, and you start on the most basic level with Aura Types and then you go all the way down in to base and tones, and this is the way that the neutrinos (this is what gives us our unique configuration) affect the environment our body thrives in, to how we best nourish ourselves.

There are 5 main types – but then you will be a unique configuration of that type, but all types have a strategy (the way their energy best interacts with the quantum field) and an authority (the way we make decisions)

All the types are here to individuate but also come together to move the collective forward.

The types:

 Manifestor – This is the energy of initiation, the manifestor is here to rally energy and move things forward. They are here to initiate people into transformation – this is done through tapping into their strategy and being deeply connected to their body, authority, and the quantum pulse.

Generator – This is the energy of the alchemist. The generator is here to respond to and turn inspiration into form. They are deeply connected to their body, their sacral and are here to dance in devotion, and response to life.

Manifesting Generator – This is the energy of nonlinear creation. The Manifesting Generator is here to speed up the quantum timeline whilst being deeply connected to their sacral, inner response signals and dancing in response to life.

Projector – This is the energy of wisdom and insight. They are here to hold the vision of what we are here to create, to guide and tweak the energy of the collective. They are deeply connected to energy and have an intuitive sense of how energy flows and moves.

Reflector – This is the energy of human potential – they are here to be the barometer of the collective, and to reflect back the human condition and potential. They are deeply connected to the earth and the moon,  and can experience what is possible for humanity through their open centers.

Are you ready to meet yourself?


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