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“Human Design”

When I heard those words mentioned on a podcast I heard an internal “YES”…I just KNEW I had to follow it.

What I didn’t know then was that was my authority, my splenic intuition, speaking to me.

“Everybody is born with a right to differentiate” – Ra Uru Hu – Founder of Human Design

I had spent my life up until 32 wondering why I never responded with a “full body yes” or had “gut feelings”. I also wondering why I felt intense creative urges and desires to “speak” something out loud for no apparent reason. Why I didn’t like being controlled, or told what to do…or bothered by people with questions about what I was up too….

When I ran that chart after that first podcast episode and saw the words “MANIFESTOR” – The initiator…something fizzed inside of me.

An internal click. My mind didn’t know what it meant but my body did. 

And I haven’t looked back. 

You might be wondering what Human Design is…and in the simplest terms it is the energetic blueprint that your soul chose for this human life. It is the map, the manual for living in the vessel you move through the world in.

We are ALL energy, constantly interacting and speaking with one another.

Human design is a system that brings together ancient and modern sciences – such as astrology, the I’ching and the chakra system. It is a tool that gives you a map to living your life with less resistance, less stress and deeper fulfillment.

To live in purpose and intention.

You are a completely uniqe individual but that majority of us are walking around deeply conditioned, thinking our way through life, and believing that we are meant to be a “certain” way when we are ALREADY who we are meant to be.

Energy doesn’t lie.

Human design shows us where we are not ourselves, and it shows us how we can begin to connect to who we are on the deepest level.

It also gives us a tool for understanding the other, because I am unqiue, and so are you – which means what is correct for me, may not be correct for you.

Human Design is the user manual for playing the game of life. 

After 3 years of study, immersion and experimenting I am now a qualified Human Design Reader…I was born to communicate this information…and I am deeply invested in watching it unfold.

But I encourage you to investigate for yourself… what is your energy type, and how are you designed to move through the world with flow and ease? Of course this does not mean you won’t encounter challenges and obstacles (this is how we grow) but the difference is the way you move through them….I know now that when a challenge arises that I can use everthing I have within me to navigate it…I know how my intuition speaks to me which makes choosing paths a whole lot simpler… and I also know where my conditioning shows up, I know where to focus my efforts on “doing the work”…because as I Manifestor I have had to overcome conditioning around people pleasing and my fear of rejection. To inform my generator and manifesting generator friends that I need a lot of time in my own energy – and that is ok. 

Often our ideas about who we think are and who we are, are poles apart…human design offers a way back home to yourself.

I have pasted some links to some of my “go to” websites

If you have a taste for it, come back and together we can uncover who you are at your core – 

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