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About Spiral

“If this isn’t me, then who am I?”

This was a question that author Samala Bygraves would work to unravel after hitting rock bottom. Four months postpartum, Samala reached a terrifying moment; did she want to continue living? What she believed was a breakdown was, in fact, a breakthrough. This moment would set her on a path of transformation, healing, and self-discovery.

This is a story about being cracked open from the inside.

Spiral: A Memoir of healing and unearthing the gifts within complex trauma, by Samala Bygraves, speaks to the rippling effect that unhealed childhood trauma has on the mind, body and soul. The book provides a holistic perspective to addressing and healing trauma, and shows us firsthand how childhood trauma does not stay in the past, but reaches forward and touches everything. Through shared personal stories, Samala shows the incredible wisdom and self-acceptance that can come from facing trauma, and that it is possible to heal and change the trajectory of one’s life.

Spiral is raw, heartbreaking, and heart-opening. It’s an emotional journey of finding inner peace through transforming the past and healing the present, and it reminds us that we are never alone on the sacred journey of healing.

Love for Spiral

“Reading Spiral is healing in and of itself. The beautiful and captivating way that it is written pulls you in so that you can viscerally feel it all. It is an honest story of what it takes to truly heal and transform.” – Cora Darlington, Burnout Specialist & Leadership Coach

Spiral is deeply poetic and brutal. Samala Bygraves speaks words out loud that many of us won’t even utter when we’re alone. Her words will give others strength —they have given me strength. This is vital, powerful, and important work.” – Jenny Burrell, CEO Burrell Education

“Immediately captivating and soul stirring, Bygraves expresses a journey that touches deep within. I couldn’t put it down, and am grateful for the inspiration that it awoke in me.” – Christin Collins, Author of Her Phoenix Rising

“Samala’s story is one of courage, strength, and reclaiming self-worth. A powerful read for any woman on a journey of healing and truth, and a reminder that we are not alone on the paths we walk.” – Tanya Valor, CEO VALOR

About the Author

Samala Bygraves is an Author, Creator, Mother, Women’s Holistic Health Coach and has been working as a specialist in the Women’s Health and well being industry since 2010.

Using her voice to create change, speaking her truth and living from a place of true authenticity is her mission. She believes that when we speak our truth, share our stories and live bravely, we impact and hold the door open for another to step through to do the same.

She wrote Spiral partly for her own healing but also to give voice to anyone else who is or has experienced similar challenges. She wants to show people that is possible to heal from complex trauma, that you can create the life you want and that you can be your own heroine.

Samala is Australian but has been living in the UK since she was 21. She is a huge Taylor Swift fan, loves reading, sitting in cafes, is an astrology and human design nerd and has been writing poetry and short stories since was able to write. She loves walking and is often walking amongst the hills and mountains not far from her home. At age of 8 she created a newspaper with her best friend,and it’s been her dream to write full time since she can remember.

For more information, you can connect with Samala at samala@samala.co.uk and @samala_lee_author on Instagram and @samalaauthor on facebook

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