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“I started working with Samala after two years of hell. I had a traumatic birth leading to an overactive pelvic floor, birth trauma and a complete lack of trust in my body. I worked with a Womens health physio which helped me understand and manage my overactive pelvic floor (the muscle wouldn’t relax and were causing chronic pain) but I still couldn’t lift my child, walk uphill, do anything most postpartum women can. It wasn’t until I met Samala 2 years post partum that I managed to truly find help to really rehabilitate my body for more than just short term pain relief but realise long term improvement. We started with the programme and a year later the pain was only there sporadically; two years later I am rarely in pain and now instead of having to lie down all the time I can lift weights (kettle bells) and play with my child freely. I have managed to take up sport again and don’t feel constantly worries that I can’t do things.

However my work with Samala has gone beyond that and into the realms of overall women’s health. Samala has really understood what was suppressing my immune system and causing me to have chronic colds, symptoms around my period and horrible allergies. After working with her on my period cycles, nutrition, and nervous system I am feeling better than I have ever felt in my 20s. I am not catching colds every month, don’t feel drained all the time and led me to feel much more in control of my health. I have found I am much more relaxed in all aspects of life.

Samala has been a true wise woman. She is constantly learning herself and is an absolute inspiration. Her empowering nature is really what we need in the women’s health space.”

Mrs. Farishna Chohan

“Working with you since pregnancy and now until Sophie is 7 has really changed the way I view my body, hormones and emotions. Taking time for myself and recognising when to make changes has made a huge difference to my life. Thank you for everything, you have been a fantastic support”

Mrs. Lucy Hoddinot

“I reached out to Samala recently as since having my second baby I’ve been experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction and have been struggling not only to come to terms with it but also experiencing various other symptoms that I thought could be to do with my hormones. Our first coaching session really gave me a platform from which to begin my journey to a place of acceptance about what had happened and also the knowledge to be able to improve and build on my nutrition and ‘me time’.

Samala was easy to talk to and I really felt like she listened and understood exactly how I was feeling which enabled me to open up and be far more honest than I expected to be. I’m really looking forward to our next session.”

Mrs. Katie Guy

“Thanks to Samala my knowledge about hormones and how to deal with what comes with perimenopause has massively grown. As I can now put into practice what I have learnt, my symptoms are easing, this has had a profound positive impact on both my mental and physical wellbeing”

Dominique Guishard

“After working with Samala following the birth of my son a few years ago, I then went on to take part in the Well Within coaching membership with Samala which included Facebook discussions around topics of mind, body and spirit.

This membership was quite different from anything I had done before as it meant being responsible for my own well-being and Samala was there to act as a coach and a guide rather than someone giving instructions on what to do. I found this course so empowering and we delved into topics and discussions that were so enlightening and interesting. We talked about all sorts of topics such as general well being, hormones, fitness as well as meditation and behavioural patterns regarding our mind and the way we go about life in general. We did intention setting each month and Samala provided a safe space for myself and other women to have discussions and ask questions as well as giving us time to carry out self reflection and to focus on looking within ourselves.

Samala would drop videos into the group and resources each month where she would impart her knowledge and give us a starting point to do our own research on certain topics if we wanted to. I thoroughly enjoyed this membership and have learnt so much about myself. I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge with more of Samala’s courses in the future.”

Emma Crook

“Samala is a very inspiring and friendly health coach, who I think, because of her own journey of self discovery, is able to truly connect, support, uplift and empower. Samala has a very human but also charismatic quality about her. She applies her knowledge and skill set in a way that is gentle, encouraging, highly perceptive and constructive. Samala has lots of powerful and evidence based suggestions to offer, which are very practical and well considered, but she is also a very accepting and patient listener and she strikes a great balance between these things, which makes her coaching sessions so effective. It is hard to summarise all the positives that I have gained through my coaching sessions, which are bespoke to myself as an individual, but I would certainly recommend Samala’s health coaching for increased ‘know how’, self awareness and all round physical and emotional health transformation.”

Beverley Carpenter

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