A 6-hour immersion held in the nurturing space of the Vibes Coffee bar & Yoga Studio, Cardiff

Sunday the 21st of May 2-8pm

This retreat is an immersion of awakening your inner vibrancy and joy for life. This is a journey that will connect you to the truth of your Soul’s core desires and unearth the clarity and vision for how YOU want to move through the world as the profoundly unique woman that you are.

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Release who you think you should be and step into who you truly ARE.

Joyful. Sensual. Connected. Vibrant. Purposeful. Embodied…how do you want to FEEL?

Your truth and unlimited potential lies waiting within you. You have the power to become the conscious architect of your life, and this retreat is going to give you the tools to begin creating it


An exploration, reclamation & remembrance of YOU

The Soul Map retreat is a journey of self exploration, self reflection and deep connection. This retreat will bring online the parts of you that have been lying dormant, ready to be expressed, felt and expanded.


An immersive, expansive and nourishing programme that includes…

A Sacred Desire Workshop where you will come face to face with the truth of your own drive and desires outside of your conditioning

Breathworkpractices to help you learn how to harness the power of your breath

A guided meditation to deeply connect you with your authentic self

A Human Design Workshop where you will learn the essentials of your unique energetic blueprint and how to begin applying it

A Menstrual Cycle 101 and Intuition workshop

A beautiful movement practice that will have you able to process and integrate all of the magic and potency of the day


Your own SOUL MAP WORKBOOK which you will take with you and use to practically begin to create the new landscape of your life

A nourishing lunch

Herbal teas, coffee and water to drink throughout the day

Light snacks for grazing throughout the day

A beautiful, nourishing and relaxing venue that will be exclusive to us for the entire day.


£140 which includes all  the above.

Payment will secure booking. There are only 12 spaces available as we wish to keep our group as intimate as possible.

The retreat begins at 10am (doors will be locked at 10:15am) and we will be finished by 4pm.

Further details on the day will be sent out closer to the date.


Cora is a Female Leadership Coach & Burnout Specialist.

She has spent over 20 years immersing herself in the study of human psychology and performance, somatics, spirituality, and eastern philosophy.

Her unique blend of training and experience has cultivated a unique approach that has helped over a thousand women, from all walks of life, to profoundly transform their relationship to themselves and their lives.


Samala is a Human Design Teacher & Female hormone specialist 

She has spent over 10 years immersing herself in the study of women’s health, the menstrual cycle and human design.

Her unique blend of skills enables women to learn about the internal workings of their physical and energetic body, ultimately leading them back to themselves.




Begin your journey.